The educational trail (please see the second image try to enlarge it) starts with the knowledge of the solitary species, which can be observed with the beehotels. This educational trail continues with the introduction of honey bees:here visitors can have protective suits to reach the educational apiary where they can observe the work of honey bees. In these two activities, the team will explain the importance of these pollinating insects for the maintenance of biodiversity, in particular in place influenced by man, such as the quarry.

The path continues with the observation area of ​​flora and fauna on the artificial lake. Here the visitors, with the use of binoculars in a panoramic point, will be able to observe the birds and small animals that lives inside the quarry.

In addition to this area, the team will set up the Beehotels and didactics accessories near the bike path, so that people who generally use this path, can observe the work of the solitary bees, because these are harmless.

Stay Tuned! Soon there will be a video on the progress of our work!