Our goal is to guide the local and surrounding communities toward the rediscovery of the quarry as a unique natural environment. The peculiarity of “Monte Giglio” quarry is its proximity to various towns like the very close Calusco, Carvico and Villa D’Adda. As a consequence, on one hand, the quarry has a significant social and environmental impact, on the other hand the anthropic activity has created particular landscape scenarios of re-naturalization that could represent a chance to rediscover environments and biodiversity established in time in this area. The project aims to the “Community: establish a relationship between quarries and local communities” through the realization of natural and didactic trails in the quarry along with the study and observation of honeybees and native pollinators in general. Beekeeping is a fundamental activity that helps to preserve the environment and biodiversity (vegetable, animal, and microbial). Media campaigns and numerous research have already led to a high level of awareness highlighting the vital importance of this world along with its fragility. On the educational and environmental standpoint, the observation of these hymenoptera represent the starting point for the rediscovery of landscapes resulting from the combination of the anthropic impact with the mining activity.